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Douglas Edwards

“Building on an early reputation as a portrait artist, Douglas Edwards has established an acclaimed ability to forge striking images based on familiar scenes. His treatment of water and of clouds has attracted particular attention from critics and other artists. People familiar with his work have often been heard to exclaim, after looking upwards: “Look, a Doug Edwards sky!”  Nonetheless, each work is completely different from the next, and each evokes a unique reaction or emotion.


In the course of his career, Douglas has experimented with various schools of art, but his work resists classification.


Douglas has exhibited in locations as diverse as Japan, Sweden, Florence and New York City, and many of his works are to be found in international collections. Yet his subject-matter continues to be focused in central Canada, which he feels holds as much potential for creative expression as anywhere in the world.


Though his larger canvasses command good prices, Doug also makes a point of producing a range of more affordable pieces suitable for smaller spaces.


Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Solo Exhibition:

2016 Trias Gallery, Oakville

2014 Westmount Gallery, Toronto

2011 University of Toronto Faculty Club

2009 Hollander-York Gallery, Toronto

2007 Hollander-York Gallery, Toronto

2003 Hollander-York Gallery, Toronto

2000 The Collective Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2000 Hollander-York Gallery, Toronto

1998 Hollander-York Gallery

1995 Galerie Rochon, Toronto

1994 Galerie Rochon, Toronto

1992 Galerie Rochon, Toronto

1991 Galerie Rochon, Toronto

1990 Quan-Schieder Gallery, Toronto

1988 The Gallery, Kungsangen, Sweden

1988 Medborgarskolan Gallery, Bastad, Sweden

1988 Gallery 306, Toronto

1987 Gallery 306, Toronto

1986 Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, Scarborough

1985 Heliconian Club, Toronto

1984 Creemore Art Gallery, Creemore, Canada

1983 The Mad and Noisy Valley Gallery, Creemore, Ontario



Group Exhibitions:

2007 The Affordable ARt Fair, Brooklyn, New York

2003 Biennale Interazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy.

2001 Bourne Gallery, Reigate, England.

2000 Bourne Gallery,Surrey, England.

1999 Canadian Heritage Gallery, Kleinburg, Canada.

1999 Bourne Gallery,Surrey, England.

1999 Envers Chapin Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

1998 Canadian Heritage Gallery, Kleinburg, Canada.

1997 Norma Gibson Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

1996 Harbour Gallery, Collingwood, Canada.

1996 The Leighton Centre , Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

1995 International Biennale of Graphics, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

1994 Whitten Gallery, King City, Canada.

1993 Nan Miller Gallery, Rochester, New York, U.S.

1993 Toronto Harbour in Art, Canada.

1992 Art Dialogue Gallery, Buffalo, U.S.

1990 O’Keefe Centre, Toronto, Canada.

1990 Three Visions, The Arts and Letters Club, Toronto.

1990 Five Signatures, O’Keefe Center, Toronto, Canada.

1998 Arkus Gallery, Bastad, Sweden.

1987 Blue Mountain Open Jury Exhibition, Collingwood.

1985 Cityscapes, Gallery Arpege, Collingwood.

1984 Rodman Hall Annual Juried Show, St. Catharine, Canada.

1983 University of Guelph, Faculty Club, Guelph, Canada.


1974-1979 Ontario College of Art, Toronto

1978-1979 Ontario College of Art, Florence, Italy

art colony Bosnia1.jpg

Special Recognition:

2022 Arabella Magazine

2006 Spring Edition Magazin Art, Article

2004-present Posters published by Editions Limited
1997 Leighton Centre, Calgary, Alberta, taught landscape painting.

1995 Leighton Centre, Visiting Artist Program

1994 Spring Edition Art Impressions Magazine, Cover and Article "Splendid Days" by Gordon Bagley

1993 Toronto Harbour in Art, First Prize

1992-2001 SerigraphspublsihedArt Impressions Magazine, Cover and Article "Splendid Days"
by Progressive Editions by

Gordon Bagley

1988-1995 Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario, taught landscape painting, portrait painting and life drawing & painting.

1988 Ontario Arts Council Grant

1986 Blue Mountain Open Jury Exhibition, Prize for painting

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